Pride Profile: Cole Porter Composer/Lyricist

(1891 – 1964)

Happy Birthday Cole Porter… You’re the top!

The breath of the Great American Songbook would be decidedly thinner if not for the musical genius and lyrical wit of Cole Porter, whose prolific compositions include over 300 songs alone while attending Yale; twenty plus Broadway musicals; numerous Hollywood films; and countless popular stands that have been sung by legendary recording artists for nearly a century. 

He has received numerous awards including, an Academy Award for Best Song, the first Tony Award for Best Musical, a Grammy for Best Soundtrack, and is in the Songwriters and Theater Halls of Fame.  Whether silly and seductive or sophisticated and scandalous, Cole Porter’s music will always have the irresistible sparkle of fine champagne.

 “He may have hair upon his chest, but sister so has Lassie.”

– Cole Porter

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Here is Jonathan Groff performing Cole Porter’s classic, “Anything Goes” at MCC Theatre’s annual “Miscast” Gala.  (He recreates the exact staging and choreography from the 2011 Broadway revival!)



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