Podcast: Interview with Woofy Actor/Designer Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp talks to The Randy Report podcast
Matthew Camp talks to The Randy Report podcast

Randy Slovacek, of The Randy Report, chats with the oh-so-handsome and charming Mr. Matthew Camp.

An intoxicating blend of good-looking country boy with a side of danger, chatting with Camp reveals how smart and thoughtful he is. It’s a disarmingly charming equation.

The social media celebrity – over half a million followers on Instagram alone – first attracted attention some years ago after moving to NYC and becoming a go-go boy. But starring roles in indie movies like “Getting Go: The Go Doc Project” (which was loosely based on his life) and “Sock Job” quickly sent Matthew’s star into a new orbit.

At the same time, he was encouraged by friends to design his own line of t-shirt and leather gear fashions. Matthew says he took a couple of classes in construction and pattern making a few years ago for the ABCs of it all, but admits to having an interest in fashion since he was a kid.

Plus, he launched a line of provocatively named fragrances (8.5, Transgression) that are inspired by, and conjure up, his memories of working in bars around sexy men.

A proponent of the ‘sex-positive’ movement, he’s also an ambassador for Oraquick, the home HIV test. Matthew is big on encouraging people to know their status by getting tested on a regular basis and owning your own sexual health.

Matthew is also working on a new video series project – it delves into a person’s sexual personality by exploring formative sexual experiences from their past.

The format will be a hybrid of documentary and experimental art film. 

So, hit the play button for more about that, what it’s like to have over half a million people follow your life, plus a few other things that come up, like his OnlyFans account 🙂

You can (and should) follow Matthew on Instagram at www.instagram.com/matthewcamp/

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