On Super Sunday, There’s a Bet for that!

Betting and sporting events go together like chips n salsa, cookies n milk, Trump n spray tan.  It used to be betting was just about the outcome of the game and maybe the point spread of you were really serious about gambling.

But today, wagering on sports has gone bonkers especially on mega-events like the Super Bowl. 

Once called side bets, today “prop bets” or wagers on damn near any unknown, yet to be determined, detail related to the event, before, during, and/or after are nearly as popular as the betting on the outcome.

According to Newsday.com here are some of the top prop bets for this Sunday.

  • Player to score first touchdown.
  • Will there be a successful two-point conversion attempt?
  • Total number of different players to have a passing attempt.
  • Will there be a lead change in the fourth quarter? 
  • Will the game be decided exactly by three points? 
  • Will there be overtime?

But those aren’t even the crazy Prop Bets.  According to PressBoxOnline.com non-football literate gamblers can wager on

(Gladys Knight courtesy NBC)
  •  Length of National Anthem performance: Over/Under 1 minute, 47 seconds.
  • Coin Toss Head/Tails
  • Who Wins Coin Toss Rams/Pats
  • Team to Score FIRST
  • Team to Score LAST
  • Will the Game be Tied after 0 – 0?
  • Jersey Number of Player to score First TD
(Courtesy of the Daily Norseman)

But what about Prop Bets for Gay Men?  We need something to entertain us until the Intermission Show. Well theOUTfront has come up with a few Prop Bets for us.

  • What will Gladys Knight be wearing?
  • Will the first player to score wear a cup?
  • Which team has the most visible jockstrap lines?

  • Best choreography of an end zone routine

  • Player we’d most like to see in the locker room.

  • Best “instant fan erotic” about what’s really goes on inside the blue concussion tent.
(LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay courtesy of LA Rams)

(Main photo credit: Sean McVay courtesy of USAToday)

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