Nick Jonas reads “Thirsty Tweets” and admits he’s into choking!

Nick Jonas reads “Thirsty tweets” and admits he’s into choking!

Earlier this year theOUTfront called Nick Jonas the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“TheOUTFront picks Nick Jonas for Sexiest Man Alive”

(photo from Nick Jonas Instagram)

Turns out Nick Jonas may also be one kinkiest men too if the comments he made during a BuzzFeed video are any indication.

And that all right by us!

After one writer said they were into him choking them, Nick concurring about being into

Another fan said she wanted to tattoo Nick’s face on her ass, so she could always be sitting on his face (we’ve heard worse ideas);

Nick then suggested what he could do with his thumb!


(main photo: video still from Kingdom)

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