New York City Pride Parade 2017 will be a Show of Resistance

In a move similar to LA Pride’s recent decision to change its annual parade to a “protest march” against the Trump Administration’s homophobic policies, New York City’s Heritage of Pride (HOP) has announced LGBT “resistance” groups will be feature together at the head of their parade.

This decision comes after a month of meetings between the resistance groups and HOP.  Discussions, pushback, and contentious “re”consideration of what exactly New York’s centerpiece of Pride Weekend meant and to whom lead to the decision.  Following the traditional lead off contingents, Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club of New York City, (since 1986); The Grand Marshals (TBA); and the HOP float; will be the resistance groups as one cohesive unit.

According to Gay City News,

“I’m extremely proud of the people who came out to raise their voices about this, and I think it’s emblematic of the people who are going to show up proudly on June 25,” said Ken Kidd, who was the lead organizer of the effort to get the resistance groups at the front of the parade.

The groups who wanted in to the parade at the front include Rise + Resist, ACT UP, United Thru Action, and Gays Against Guns… The resistance groups expect to be joined by other organizations on June 25.”

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(main photo credit: Activist Ken Kidd, photo by DONNA ACETO via Gay City News)

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