“My Name is Mirian,” PLEASE WATCH

Today is the deadline a Federal Court gave the Trump administration for reuniting children under 5, with their parents after being forcibly separated when they were arrested under the draconian “Zero Tolerance” policy.  It is expected only about half of these preschoolers, toddlers, and infants will see their families today because our government made little to no effort to keep track of these families, even when they deported the adults.

Calling attention to the inhumane treatment of these immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, ACLU spokesperson Maggie Gyllenhaal asked her friends to read the sworn affidavit of one mother being separated from her 18 month old baby.  From her Twitter,  

“This is a video I made. An affidavit from a woman who’s 18 month old son was taken from her at the border. Read by #RyanReynolds @chadwickboseman @jamieleecurtis #MyBrother @methodman @TheJeffBridges

Please watch the video I made #MyNameIsMirian Thousands of children are still separated from their parents… #FamiliesBelongTogether. Donate to @ACLU & learn more HERE: http://aclu.org/mirian”


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