Mayor Giuliani and the Death of New York City Nightlife

As a young adult who just came out of the closet, I remember my many trips into the city with my best gay friends. In a sense, these adventures shaped me and allowed me to experience gay culture in a way I never could living in suburbia.

Boy Culture has a great post on a recent Michael Musto essay that we wanted to share,

Michael Musto, writing for Thump, contributes an essay on how former Mayor Giuliani destroyed NYC nightlife, all for the sake of making the city more favorable to big business and luxury housing.

As mayor of NYC from 1994 through 2001, Rudy Giuliani demonized nightlife as our city’s bastard child, trying to smooth it over in order to make things safe for tourists and co-op owners. Ignoring the fact that nightlife pumped money and creative excitement into the city (which many tourists and co-op owners would have loved), he steamrolled over the industry, at the same time taking the porn out of Times Square and making it ready for people in Mickey Mouse costumes.

We would love theOUTfront readers to share there memorable NYC nightlife experiences and share with us some of your favorite gay venues that have since closed under former Mayor Giuliani. 


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