MANCANDY:: Killian the Beast…Again

One of theOUTfront’s most popular posts of 2017 was back in March of personal trainer and French model Killian, aka the Beast, brilliantly captured by photographed Pascalpprl.

Well, the Beast is Back!

Pascalpprl’s new photos of the Beast had us howling at the moon and we couldn’t wait to share.

Want to see more of Killian and by more we mean all of him?  Photographer, Pascalpprl has a stunning book available for purchase. Here’s how it’s described

“66 pages, of which 10 uncensored photographs, personally named and numbered edition, signed by the photographer and the model. Each volume of this series features only one model, photographed in his very privacy, as if the reader could witness every aspect of twenty-four hours of the model’s life.”

(We hope that includes taking a shower…)

Order your copy HERE!

Follow Killian on Instagram 

His “Only Fans” page with posts, photos “too risqué for Instagram,” and live broadcasts HERE 

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(Photo credit: Model – Killian,  Photographer – Pascalpprl)

Bonus Photo of Killian with his Friends

Photographer: @pascalpprl Models: @clemragel @flo_calisthenics & Killian.

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