MANCANDY: It may be Freezing at the Olympics, but these US Male Athletes are Hot AF!

The Olympic Games in South Korea have just begun and one of the top stories out of Pyongyang has been the frigid temperatures and wind chills.  (Hello?  It’s winter!)

While many aficionados of the well sculpted male physique don’t get as excited about the frozen competition as their summer counterparts, they just don’t know where to look i.e. like male figure skater’s asses.  Did you see the Italian???

Take it from theOUTfront, there is plenty of stunning and breath-taking scenery to keep you warm during the next two weeks thanks to the men of the US Olympic team.  We’ve curated some of the finest examples from the Olympian’s Instagram accounts.  It was a tough job, but here at theOUTfront we’re willing to do what it takes to keep our loyal readers happy.

2018 Luge Silver Medalist Chris Mazdzer

Visit his Website HERE

Like a ginger man? Shawn White keeps getting better!

How’d you like to “meat” three time Olympian bobsledder, Steve Langton?


Are these guys auditioning for “Magic Mike LIVE” after the Olympics?

Skeleton competitor, John Daly

Skeleton hell, John is Grade A Prime Beef!

Bobsledder, Evan Weinstock and friends!

A #Grrrr eat view of the bobsled team!

Evan has some really hunky friends!

Speed skater Joey Mantia

We only have one word, Daaamn!

and of course the “Pride” of the Slopes, Gus Kenworthy

Think we should we tell him what he’s wearing around his neck?  Naaah!
(video still)


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