Make a Musical Great Again, conclusion

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By TheatreRat


Avenue Screwed

The diverse denizens of a Brooklyn street lament their disillusionment with life because the new president is a Russian puppet with Putin’s hand up his ass.

Something Rotten?

Two fruitless FBI email investigations ruin Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Directed by James Comey


The 45th POTUS takes a lighthearted romped through the frivolous security briefings of secret intelligence.

Sunday in the Park with Pence

A homophobic governor tries to stop gay men from cruising by a river with conversion therapy and legalized discrimination,

Your Hands too Small to Box with God

A gospel music parable about a petty vindictive man thinks he is God’s gift to the world, until the Lord sets him correct!

School of Reich
the Trump 2016 campaign manifesto

While touted as a new musical, it sounds more like a 1930’s German revival.

Sweeney Trump

A sociopathic billionaire seeks revenge bigly on a world he thinks is rigged and has treated him unfairly.

American Fascist

The sequel to Green Day’s 2004, “American Idiot,” about a republican president.

Of Thee I Tweet

A social media update of the Pulitzer Prize winning Gershwin musical.

Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Trump

Knowing he’ll always be the smartest one in the room, The Donald thrives on speaking to “yuuuge” rallies of supporters. “He doesn’t say much, but he says it loud!”

White Power Drum Song
the Alt-Right musical

How a laughable republican candidate’s quest for the presidency, gave a megaphone to the fringe white nationalist movement and brought it center stage with him.

The Lyin’ King
hakuna matata, my ass!

A would be ruler fools his subjects into submission with made up “facts,” unsubstantiated accusations, and the ability to deny anything he’s ever said in person, in print, or on the radio and TV and get away with it.

How to Succeed in Politics without really Trying

A bombastic boy from Queens becomes president never needing to discuss policy, propose plans, or release his tax returns.

Anything GOP

A republican Congress sets sail on the SS Trump, for a “De-lightful” voyage to regain control of a woman’s body, people of color, and put gay men back in their place as shipboard entertainers.

now Muslim free!

An orphan redneck finds an old moonshine jug whose hidden secret grants him three wishes.

Bye Bye Equality

Following years of progress, LGBTs see their hopes for living as full and protected citizens dashed by ultra-conservative Evangelical hypocrites in Washington.


Feisty young upstarts take on the media giants with fake news stories and change the course of American history.

Democrats on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The emotional and heartbreaking finale of the Obama Administration.


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