LGBT and Civil Rights Groups RISING UP to FIGHT Trump’s Religious “Freedom” Order

Call it “Religious Freedom” if you want, but an Executive Order allowing people and business to deny goods and services based on religious objects is legalized discrimination.  We know.  They know it.  And the feckless tangerine hog scrotum in the oval office knows it too.

But that’s not stopping him or even giving him pause in signing his forth coming edict reported to coincide with the “National Day of Prayer,” Thursday.  Trump is such an impotent President (even with sitting on Steve Bannon’s lap) that he can’t get anything done legislatively so his only option is by decree (nearly three dozen at last count).

But the clarion call has been sounded and according to the numerous LGBT and civil rights organization are geared up to fight Trump in court.

“If this possible executive order is similar to February’s draft, it would do nothing except give a national license to discriminate, and endanger LGBTQ people and their families,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement. “President Trump is trying to create an America where my children could be turned away if a pediatrician doesn’t accept my wife and I. Nothing could be more un-American.”

Among the national organizations ready for war against Tyrant Trump are ACLU, GLSEN, HRC, National LGBTQ Task Force, and Center for American Progress.

Read the full HuffingtonPost article and their statements HERE

If Trump and his Alt-Right, Evangelical Christian fascist bigots want a fight, then we’ll bring it to them! 

When the LGBT Community “turns the other cheek,” it’ll be so they can kiss our ass.

(Main photo credit: Rueters)

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