James Longman’s Open and Very Personal Mental Health Story:: WATCH

The expectations gay men put on each other and themselves to be flawless in every aspect of their lives, appearance, career, home, social life, etc. is to say the least unhealthy.  We hide our problems from the judgement of our peers, especially the stigma of mental illness in our Community.

But, openly gay ABC New Foreign Correspondent, James Longman is very public about his own story with mental illness.  Seeming to epitomize the “perfect gay man,” well educated, highly successful, dashing good looks, Longman is also been brave enough to speak his truth about his own mental health.

(via Instagram)

May is Mental Health Awareness month. There’s no better time to remind those struggling with mental health issues that they’re not alone and help those not yet getting treatment. 

If you are one of those struggling with mental health, or someone you know is, this very personal talk given by James Longman at NewsXchange in Copenhagen about his own journey will surely give you courage and hope.


Below is the film report referenced in his talk.


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