“In a Heartbeat” an animated short film about ‘Boy meets Boy’ TRAILER

“Everyone loves a love story.” That age old adage is getting a 21st century test in a new animated short film featuring a teenage boy who falls for the most popular boy in school.  (Who amongst us has been there at least once?)  According to the HuffingtonPost.com,

“In A Heartbeat” follows Sherwin, an awkward young teen who is unsure of his sexuality. After crossing paths with Jonathan, a classmate, Sherwin’s heart literally pops out of his chest and chases after his new Prince Charming. Sherwin then has to try and stop his heart from revealing its true feelings ― not only to Jonathan, but the entire school.

Slated to be completed and then debut this summer thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $14,000, “In A Heartbeat” is a completely dialogue-free and created by Esteban Bravo and Beth David.”

Read the full story via the HuffingtonPost.com HERE


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