Hamish & Andy keep Australia laughing down under

As we grow up, we forget the utter joy of taking time to be silly especially with a friend.  But two Australian mates haven’t forgotten, in fact they make a living having fun, being silly and letting Melbourne share in their exploits. Hamish & Andy are a radio and TV duo who remind their fans how much fun it is to be kids again.

Their latest video adventure is a personal childhood fantasy come true, going through a car wash in a convertible with the top down.  Take a shower, get the car washed, and everybody gets a blow-dry, what could be better?

And they do it with their best mate!


These two have been entertaining audiences in Australia for years with their four hugely successful “Gap Year” series and tonight premiere, “True Story with Hamish and Andy.”  Here’s a sneak peek.


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For of us kids at heart living in America, let’s hope the next Aussie import is the Hamish & Andy catalog of all the back Gap Year series.  In the meantime, catch up with them online.

Hamish & Andy Website

Twitter @hamishandandy and on Facebook

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