Greasing the Poles, a Mardi Gras Competition: VIDEO

In the French Quarter of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, there is a time honored tradition of Greasing the Poles, which probably explains why the city is called, The Big Easy.

As gay men, greasing the pole means jerkin’ and/or fuckin,’ but we don’t wait around a whole damn year before gettin’ to it again.

However, New Orleans, which is celebrating its Tri-centennial, has turned pole greasing into an annual competition.  How is that a thing?  A) It’s N’Orleans and B) During Mardi Gras being high on a pole is a coveted place to be before the parade passes by.

Who Dat???

For 48 years on Friday morning before the big Mardi Gras weekend, outside Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street the best pole greasers grab their Vaseline and stroke their poles.


Sadly, the contests are all women (ain’t that a bitch?)  Apparently the organizers know damn well a gay man would stoke the shit outta his pole!

But at least they got a homosexual to emcee the event, the fabulous Bryan Batt

(Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON)

And they have some fabulous Drag Queens too!  Check all the naughty goodness in the full story “Photos: Fun-loving crowd turns out for ‘Greasing of the Poles’ on Bourbon Street” via HERE.

According to a report on, “If it rains, the team has to go back out after the rain to re-grease the poles, and they usually do it again on Lundi Gras right after the wild parade weekend, because a lot of the grease wears off.”

Then they should start using Eros instead of petroleum jelly. 

That shit doesn’t come off your pole with nothin’!  #GayMenKnow

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