Gone Dogfishing during the Dog Days of Summer: MANCANDY

Just when you thought it was safe to back on the internet, a new scam has taken over dating sites, “dogfishing.”  Now canine companions are not just “man’s best friend,” they’re his wingman.  But here’s the rub, he doesn’t have a dog!

Men are borrowing four legged furry friends to use as props for their profile pics as a way to up their curb appeal with perspective matches on dating apps.  Having a lovable dog by their side, apparently makes guys look warm, caring, and able to take care of a living thing.

What does he look like when his date sees no sign of Fido at his place and asks, “where’s your dog?”

“Uh um, he’s at the spa.”

“My ex took him.”

“He went to live on a farm upstate, where he’ll have lots of room to run around.”

Dogfishing has got to be one of the dumbest and most short sighted scams yet.  Like telling a guy at a bar you have a 10” dick when you don’t.  The truth is going to come out.

But there are plenty of honest men who do have dogs, so in honor of Sirius, the dog star’s, ascent into the celestial heavens, we thought we’d celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with some of theOUTfront’s favorites.

We don’t know if the First Dogs of South Bend know their Daddy is seeing other dogs on the campaign trail, but Mayor Pete Buttigieg definitely loves dogs!

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#PetsforPete 🐶

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We do now and someone is getting a talking to when he gets home.

When the vet is this damn hot even your dog doesn’t mind going.

With a dog, you never sleep alone.


#Beast (either and or both)


Here’s one lucky pup doing what a lot of us would like to do to woofy daddy, Jim Newman


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