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National Give OUT Day, Supporting LGBTQ Non-Profits

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“When the first-ever national LGBTQ day of giving, Give OUT Day, launched on May 9, 2013, the landscape for LGBTQ rights looked very different. The Defense of Marriage Act still stood, and most states barred same-sex marriage. Transgender Americans remained all but invisible, our elders too often isolated, and our youth too often ostracized and endangered. LGBTQ nonprofit organizations were just starting to recover from the Great Recession…

Give OUT Day brought our community’s nonprofits and people of good heart together – all across the country, on a single day dedicated to giving to the LGBTQ community. It’s not, of course, that giving is alien to our community. Give OUT Day builds on a rich, decades-long tradition of individual donors funding every step in this struggle, from bar fundraisers and penny jars to gala fundraisers and major gifts. But research from Horizons Foundation and the Movement Advancement Project suggests that less than 5% of LGBTQ people are giving to our community’s nonprofits…

We know that we cannot afford to stand, silently, on the sidelines. Many of us have already been out in the streets, showing up to resist, volunteering our time. Many of us have opened our checkbooks, too.

Give OUT Day is the perfect opportunity for every LGBTQ person – and every one of our allies – to make sure that our nonprofits have what they require to litigate, educate, and fight for our rights. Give OUT Day is the perfect chance for all of us – together – to ensure that nonprofits have what it takes to help our community, whatever our people’s needs for service, help, and support may be…

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Here are just a couple of theOUTfront favorites


“…working to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, creating a world in which all young people can be their true selves.”


“…empowers individuals to embrace human dignity and diversity through outreach, advocacy and resource programs. We strive to replace hate with understanding, compassion and acceptance.”

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