“F(l)ag Football,” New Film looks at Gay Jocks:: TRAILER

Which of these best describes a “gay jock”?

A) two words that don’t belong together

B) the kid picked last for every team

C) typically a lesbian softball player

D) the article of clothing coveted after a game

The new film F(l)ag Football proves the answer to the question is


With 400 Athletes, 26 teams, 19 cities and of course 1 Gay Bowl, the gay flag football league shows gay jocks are every bit the athlete and competitors in this league of their own.  Here’s how the film is described.

“Three teams and their journey to become the next Gay Bowl Champions. With everything on the line, some teams will come together and others will fall apart, but gay sports will never be seen the same way again.”

The documentary film may be in limited release but it’s attracting enough attention to garner a review by the New York Times.

“It should go without saying, but Mr. Greenleaf [the director] knows it’s worth showing: On the field and off, we are all so much alike.”

Read the full NY Times review HERE


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