Dustin Lance Black :: “Gay rights miniseries ‘When We Rise’ is for Trump’s America”

Just the other day we shared with you that ABC announced the air date for the upcoming LGBT miniseries “When We Rise.” What we didn’t know at the time, is the fact the the right wing is working hard to prevent this miniseries from airing.

Dustin Lance Black writes, “”Loud and clear, I want to say, because this show is under attack by the alt right online; we have been targeted,” he says. “But this show is not a war. We are not against anyone. Every single person in this world is a minority in one way or another. It just depends upon how you slice the pie, and this show tells us how we are related. … I didn’t write this show for half a country. I think, if Donald Trump actually watches this show, I think he might like the show.”

“There’s an idea about the show out there in some small groups. Let’s be real,” Black said. “I think a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump will love this show. I don’t see this show as the type of show that’s only trying to speak with half the country. That’s not what this is all about. I didn’t write this show for half the country. I think if Donald Trump actually watches the show, he might like the show.”

“I would give anything in the world for it to be less topical,” Black said of the show’s timing. “I never could have imagined it would land in this moment. I’m not entirely surprised. We know that history is not a straight line. We know that history is a pendulum. I knew this kind of moment might happen. I’m grateful for ABC’s courage. I’m grateful for everyone up on the stage and all the artists that helped make this, because I do think it’s a necessary conversation to have right now.”

Watch the trailer here!


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