Did you catch Polo stud, Nacho Figueras on Ellen? WATCH

Argentinian polo star and face of Ralph Lauren Polo, Nacho Figueras stopped by Ellen for a little sexy chat (like he could do anything else), demonstrate his “motion of the ocean” and drop his pants (not that we’re complaining at all) today.


Watch Ellen hold Nacho’s stick and then ride their ponies!


Muy Caliente!

Can you imagine the thighs and “seat” that man has on him?

And in case you’ve never seen Nacho before…

(Photo credit: MensHealth.com)
(photo credit: Interview Magazine Photographer: Fabien Baron)

Gotta love a man in fine leather…

(Photo credit: Ben Fink Shapiro)

Nice boots!

Don’t be jealous Harry.  Remember, you’re a Prince. 


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