Deep in the Hate of Texas

Texas may be known as the “Lone Star State,” but when it comes to laws discriminating against LGBT residents they have 17 bills pending in their state legislature.  These bills in the guise of “religious freedom” are beyond shocking.  Here are just a few of the choice pieces of legislation.

  • allow any professionals regulated by the state of Texas ― from medical providers and social workers to tow truck operators and electricians ― to discriminate against LGBTQ people based on personal religious beliefs.  
  • allow official student organizations at public colleges and universities to discriminate against students for religious reasons, denying membership to LGBTQ students or keeping out Jewish and Muslim students.
  • allow businesses in the wedding industry to refuse to serve same-sex couples. 

These examples are from an article on the

(I wonder how “straight” weddings would get on without the services of LGBT businesses and employees ie florists, hair stylists, event planners, caterers, cater waiters, etc., if we discriminate against them  on religious objections as well?)

The article goes on,

“These religious refusal bills radically redefine a fundamental right by allowing religion as a justification to discriminate or refuse to obey laws you don’t like,” Kathy Miller, president of TFN [Texas freedom Network], which held a press conference in Austin today along with the ACLU of Texas, said.

‘The authors of these bills don’t even seem to care that their legislation could also create serious conflicts with established civil rights protections based on race, gender and even religion itself. Their bills essentially turn religion into a weapon to hurt people who are different or don’t share the same beliefs.’”

Here’s the real kicker, all of these bills appear to be in keeping with Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch’s idea of “religious liberty.”

Full article HERE

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