Collect’em All!

Due to the (true and factually accurate) small crowds attending Trump’s official inaugural events last weekend, the new administration has taken a loss on its commemorative memorabilia. But in a show of cooperation and compassion, theOUTfront is glad to help selloff its overstock merchandise.

(Just kidding! We negotiated with them so bigly they cried like little bitches!)

“Gold Edition” Cheese Doodles

Official snack of the RNC and DJT



Trump Plug

He’s got his head up his ass; now you can have it up yours!

(Made by Amznfx)


Donald J. Trump Sex Doll

Grab him by the balls!

Anatomically correct. Balls sold separately, definitely not as good as the sex dolls you can buy from

(same as Speaker Paul Ryan)

Russian Embassy Inaugural Matryoshka Doll

Inside Trump is Putin; inside Putin is hacker, inside hacker is no scruples.

made in Ghina

“I’m with Her” Used Tampon Receptacle

“Open your mouth and say ahhh.”



“Make a Fiesta Great Again” Piñata

What fiesta would be complete without beating the shit out of this life like piñata?

(Manufactured by American jobs brought back from Mexico. Yeah, Obama did that too.)

Evangelical Women’s Douche Bag

Because cleanliness is next to Godliness



Inaugural “Men Only” After Party Commemorative Print

hosted by Breitbart editor and human toilet Milo Yiannopoulos


Trump TP

Though not “sale priced,” it is widely available and absolutely essential for the tidal wave of shit to come.

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