Christian Schools Forced to allow Gay-Straight Alliances

“Two Baptist schools in Alberta have been told that they have to allow students to form gay-straight alliances,” this according to a report from

As America faces the oncoming battle over the First Amendment Defense Act and “Religious Freedom” laws in countless states, it should take a lesson from Alberta Canada’s Education Minister, David Eggen.

Education Minister, David Eggen

“The province’s education minister, David Eggen, issued an order to the two schools, telling them they had to allow students to form the groups in compliance with provincial law. The schools had earlier asked for exceptions because GSAs are “incompatible with their Christian beliefs and the mission of their schools,” according to the Globe and Mail.

Well, whose missions? And why should those missions be respected?

The students at these schools might not be there by choice, and the government has an obligation to ensure that independent schools meet certain minimum obligations if they’re going to allow parents to force their children to spend over a third of each day at those schools.”

“If the schools’ missions includes loneliness and anxiety for queer youth, then the government is under no obligation to respect that mission.”

Full story via LGBTQnation here

Conservatives and Christians demand state and federal laws protecting their religious beliefs; protecting unborn children from abortion; but then turn around decrying “big government” and the nanny state.  They can’t have it both ways.

And LGBT youth in America are left under attack and unprotected in America.

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