Broadway Bares Strip-a-thon 2017


Last month theOUTfront was thrilled to share the announcement of BC/EFA annual strip show theme, “STRIP U.”  In case you missed it and the sexy promo video watch it in our previous post below.

 “BroadwayCares/EquityFightAIDS, 27th Annual Broadway Bares: STRIP U”

The big event is less than three weeks away and fund raising efforts are already under way with the Broadway Bares “Strip-a-thon” competition.  In this annual online fund raising drive individuals and teams compete to see who can raise the most donations towards the combined goal of $450,000.

Here’s what your donation can do.

$25 donation provides 20 fresh meals at a soup kitchen

$50 donation ensures the electricity stays on this month for a family in need

$100 donation helps provide home care for someone struggling in their fight with AIDS

$250 donation covers the co-pay for lifesaving anti-viral medications

For readers who can’t attend the main event on June 18th, each person in the Strip-a-thon has created a profile with sexy photos and a personal appeal to donors.  Below are a few of our favorite photos from some of the hottest strippers. 

So we don’t play “teacher’s pet” at STRIP U, we’ll let you decide who to donate by clicking the link below and looking through the entire class participating in this year’s Strip-a-thon.

Strip-a-thon profiles HERE

or simply 


Learn more about BC/EFA and all of their incredible work HERE

(All STRIP U photos by Andrew Eccles courtesy of BC/EFA)

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