BREAKING NEW MUSIC :: Depeche Mode – Where’s The Revolution?

Talk about perfectly timed given the current state of Trump’s America. Take a listen to this poignantly written song from Depeche Mode. We like it. We like it a lot!

Billboard reports:

Depeche Mode is back. The band has released a new song called “Where’s the Revolution,” the first taste of their new album Spirit. “Where’s the Revolution” marks the English rock legends’ first new music in four years and an early tease of their 14th studio album, which is due out on Columbia Records on March 17.

The track builds with a sense of suspense, as singer Dave Gahan riles listeners up, telling them, “You’ve been kept down. You’ve been pushed ’round. You’ve been lied to. You’ve been fed truths.” Written by Martin Gore, the song calls for change on a level that’s as political as it is humanistic.

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