Are Jockstraps Gay? No, just Hot AF!

Recently a headline on of all places asked, “Are jockstraps gay?  Let’s unpack this once and for all.”

The answer is uh, No.  If jockstraps were “gay” then the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, Men’s gymnastics, and wrestling would all be gayer than Christopher Street on the last Sunday in June. 

How is this even a question let alone fodder for an online article?  I decided to read on…

“Today we learned jockstraps have some sort of function outside the realm of adult entertainment, with Wikipedia teaching us they’re intended as “an undergarment for supporting the male genitalia during cycling, contact sports or other vigorous physical activity.”

What moronic gay millennial wrote this lead sentence, because she needs to pull her head out her damn phone and go to the gym (if for nothing else the scenery!).

(photo credit via brazen68)

Jockstraps aka jocks, pouch, meat locker, Charlie harness, and/or under butt nut hut was reportedly invented in 1874 by a Chicago sporting goods company to provide support for bicycle “jockeys” riding over cobblestone streets.  Owww!

The “Heidelberg Electric Belt” was invented in the early 20th century as a low voltage electrified jockstrap that claimed to cure a variety of medical ailments, including erectile dysfunction.  Leave it to Germans to call electricity on your junk, a “cure” and not torture. If you don’t fancy taking an electric shock to your testicles to try and cure your erectile dysfunction, it might be a wiser choice to have a look into an enhancement like VigRX.

Queerty “researched” their original question on wait for it…Reddit.  Here’s just one of the answers they got.

“Jockstraps are treated like lingerie in the gay world…”

Three words that should never appear in the same sentence: jockstraps, lingerie, and GAY.

Functionality aside, the appeal of jockstraps to gay men first, last, and always has been their simplistic, unadulterated, masculinity.  Elastic bands and a mesh pouch holding a cock and balls securely for sweaty man on man athletics. None of this “fashion strap,” G-string, mankini, butt-floss nonsense will do, for jocks who love jocks.

Or the men who love seeing them wear them!

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“Of Cups and Jockstraps (or the Strangest Conversation I’ve Had With My Son)”

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