Anti-gay Hate Group laying siege to Disney’s Kingdom

(all images courtesy of Disney Animation)

For eighty years Disney feature films have been synonymous with wholesome family entertainment.  To protect the Disney brand, they even gone so far as to quietly create Touchstone Pictures in 1984 to produce and distribute films with more mature themes targeted at adults.  The Disney name has remained a gold standard and virtually untarnished when it comes to their animation and family friendly films. When we say untarnished, if you take the work of amateurs that have used Disney characters in hentai’s on animated sex websites, Follow the link to find free porn, only at

But now the virulently anti-gay hate group American Family Association has their panties in a collective twist because Disney has gone gay.  A split second same sex kiss appeared on a Disney animated TV show last month and now a reported gay character in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast out this Friday, is the last straw for the AFA.  According to,

“The rabidly anti-LGBT American Family Association are taking their Disney boycott to surprising new heights this week, announcing the production of their very own ‘godly family Film.” They wrote: “Parents should be warned that Disney has given the green light to a strong LGBTQ agenda in a movie that targets the 5 to 11-year-old demographic market…

 “In response to Disney’s efforts to promote the LGBTQ agenda to our children, AFA is proud to announce its commitment to co-produce a new animated film of one of the most impactful stories ever written, The Pilgrim’s Progress…”

Full article from here

The absurdity of the AFA “boycott” of Disney films and their venture into production of more “godly family films” in keeping with their Christian values is not only hypocritical but fucking hilarious!

The AFA has no problem with a homicidal Evil Queen using magic to poison Snow White with an apple, that’s all good.  (Not to mention, the Prince has the power of resurrection, just saying)  Maleficent literally calls on “all the powers of Hell,” still she gets a pass. Ursala from The Little Mermaid is a sea witch, no worries. 

But as soon as someone shows attraction or love for the same sex, they revolt.  Evil, hell, and witchcraft are good Christian things for children to watch but loving their follow humans is not.   Maybe the American Family Association should “remove the plank for their own eye, before removing the speck of saw dust from their brother’s.”

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