Anti-Gay Colorado Baker Headed to Supreme Court Speaks Out VIDEO

What Would Jesus Bake?

Even before the 2015 SCOTUS ruling legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, businesses and individuals have been routinely trying to deny goods and services to LGBT couples based on “religious” objections.

The state of Indiana under then Gov. Mike Pence even legalized anti-gay discrimination stating religious protections but it was met with such outrage and severe economic consequences that it was ultimately reverse.  Sadly, a similar anti-gay discrimination law in the guise of “religious freedom” was recently upheld by the courts in Mississippi.

But the real test of religious objections is coming this fall when SCOTUS hear the case of  Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado who refused to back a wedding cake for a gay couple and told the hosts of ABC’s The View Jesus wouldn’t bake it either.

I thought Jesus was a carpenter, not a baker and dabbled as a vintner on the side.

According to the,

“I serve everybody all the time but I don’t make every cake for every event that’s required,” Phillips told the hosts of “The View” late last week. “It’s a difficult thing to be in my position and know that somebody is requesting something that I can’t in good conscience do.”

Phillips, who says he also will not create other cakes that go against his faith ― including “adult-themed” cakes, Halloween cakes, anti-American cakes and any cake that would “disparage somebody” ― told the hosts of “The View” he isn’t anti-gay, he just does not support same-sex marriage.”

Oh! Now we get it! He’s not anti-gay; he’s pro-censorship!

In that case, could we get a six tier rainbow Gay Pride cake to go please?

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